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I highly recommend contacting Marc Maraño if you are looking for personal, professional and passionate guidance while seeking your next chapter!!

Marc’s coaching and tools hit the marc for me as I was searching for my next job!
Whether you’re seeking a new job or maybe just the next level where you are, Marc can help you each step of the way with your resume, interviewing and also finalizing the offer when you’re hired.

Marc was affordable, always available and was invaluable in helping me find my DREAM job!!!

Steve B.


During my time with careermarc my confidence in the presentation and information included on my resume, as well as the skill to prepare efficiently for interviews increased tremendously and led to me receiving my first pharmaceutical sales job only a month after completing our sessions.

Madisyn H.


There is no one I would trust more for guidance with something as precious as a career than Marc Marano with careermarc. I know from personal experience! He is one of those rare leaders that treats everyone like they are the most important person in the world when you need that kind of support. He has a passion for helping people so if you need help, he’s the best call you could make!

Thom P.


The resume and interview preparation sessions with careermarc made me more prepared than ever to land my first job out of college. This is as valuable as a college credit!

Alex G.

Thank You!

The interview prep sessions with careermarc helped me build the skills and feel prepared to tackle each step of the interview process. These prep sessions helped to land me my first job out of college

Jillian J.

Advance My Career

“With coaching from careermarc, I had a path and a plan to advance my career from an entry level contract job, to a full time employee of a Fortune 100 company!”

Ryan E.


careermarc was essential in helping create the framework for my college resume, as well as fine  tuned my interview skills that got me my first job. Seven years later, careermarc has helped me articulate my professional experience and has reminded me the importance of selling myself and my accomplishments.

Tyler N.


careermarc has been instrumental in shaping my career success within my industry at a top leading Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical company. The support toward my career strategy and professional competencies has been transformational and invaluable!!”

Mike F.

Highly Knowledgeable

The sessions with careermarc are above and beyond any content you find online regarding career guidance. Marc’s portfolio speaks for itself and he is highly knowledgeable on a variety of industries. This is instrumental in how careermarc executes training, this guidance is not only based on your interested career path, but also on building upon your strengths and finding areas where you can improve your skills. I recommend careermarc to anyone wanting to take their career to the next level, as I still use this advice to this day.

Luke J.

Feel Prepared

Not only did I come out the careermarc course feeling prepared to take on my upcoming interview, but now I feel prepared in any professional conversation I have. The manner in which careermarc teaches to ask and answer questions was a great perspective that I plan to use daily with my new position and will no doubt be extremely useful no matter where my professional life takes me!

Adam S..


Marc Marano was my colleague at Janssen for many years. There were few people more insightful than him in assessing talent for an open position. Whether it was reviewing resumes for the right experience and fit or interviewing candidates individually or part of a panel, Marc was always rigorous and practical in his approach. careermarc will be able to help many more folks find their next role and have some fun along the way.

Mark T; Pharmaceutical VP of Marketing

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